Hapkido Hosinsul

Our aim at Hapkido Hosinsul is to be true to the art of Hapkido.  Our focus is on a practical approach, specifically with self-defense skills at the core of our syllabus.  We aim to teach our students the skills they need to perfect the art of Hapkido, whilst building confidence in their abilities, self esteem and their physical fitness.

We have spent a long time developing our syllabus to cover a wide range and variety of self-defense situations.  We continuously review it and solicit feedback with regards to what our students want to study and where we can provide the most value.  Our goal is to be current and innovate – we take martial arts seriously, but also strive to provide an approachable and supportive environment where students can enjoy learning as individuals, and importantly, as part of the Hapkido Hosinsul school.


Introducing Warwick

In 1979, Warwick was one of the first few students to join Matthew Sung Su Kim’s Hapkido in Oxford St Darlinghurst.  By 1983 Warwick became the first white belt novice to grade as a black belt in what was to become known as the Australian Hapkido Association.

In 1983 Warwick opened a school in Sutherland, south of Sydney, but with a growing family Warwick left the school in the care of Daniel Marie, now a 5th degree with the Australian Hapkido Association.  Warwick moved to northern NSW where a short time later, he established the first Hapkido school in the Tweed Valley,  Murwillumbah.  In 1988 Warwick moved to Brisbane and the school was left with Mark Berquist, who is now a 3rd degree with the Australian Hapkido Association.  It didn’t take very long for Warwick’s desire to continue training and after an extensive search of the Southside of Brisbane, he joined Woolloongabba Hapkido, where he achieved multiple Dan rankings.

“The experience I gained training with Grandmaster Matthew Sung Su Kim was first rate.  Also, the experience I gained over the years studying at Woolloongabba Hapkido led me to create a homegrown Hapkido with less focus on tradition and a stronger emphasis on modern self defense.  Hence the name of our school – Hapkido Hosinsul, which was started in collaboration with Black Belt Instructor Russell Enever”

What Russell has to say about Warwick…

“I have been trained by many instructors, but with over 35 years Hapkido experience, Warwick is a real inspiration – his self defense knowledge is vast and his passion and enthusiasm is infectious – he leads by example and his students are happy to follow with the right attitude and commitment.”

RussIntroducing Russell

Russell began his martial arts journey at the age of eight, practicing Judo for seven years before moving on to Ninjitsu in his late teens.  After moving to Australia from the UK in 2006, Russ started kick-boxing and in 2008, Russell began training in Hapkido.  He knew very early on that this was the discipline he had been looking for.  Russ met two colleagues who inspired him to continue his Hapkido journey, Warwick Ford and Phillip Seaton.  Phillip, who now lives in the UK, was a great mentor.  He took time in class and during his spare time, to share his knowledge and skills and Russ credits Phillip with a lot of his success.

“I found an art that really suits me, using kicks, throws, joint locks and holds. I enjoy the variety it provides, but at the same the discipline that Hapkido requires. It has inspired me to study and consistently practice, and be as respectful as I can to the origins of this discipline.  I feel fitter, stronger and more flexible with every session.”

Russell is now a 2nd Dan black belt in Hapkido, and is an enthusiastic instructor at Hapkido Hosinsul.