Meet the team – Russ

Russ is our Sabum-Nim (Master Instructor) and co-founder of Hapkido Hosinsul.  Here he shares a little bit about why he started the school and why he loves this martial art so much…


Why did you decide to open Hapkido Hosinsul?

Warwick and I had trained together as ‘Master & Apprentice’ for several years and I felt we worked together and fed off of each other very well.  A few years ago we got together and talked about starting our own classes as we really felt we had something to offer.  Without being under another organisation we would be free to teach what we thought was useful and beneficial to students, and leave out anything we thought wasn’t.  And we believe that we have achieved this.  Warwick and I often approach our training from different angles, so between us we can offer a variety of syllabus from a very diverse martial art. 

How long have you trained for?

I started martial arts from a young age and did judo from the age of 8.  During my training I took part in some great competitions and it taught me lessons about body movement and balance that will always stay with me.  In my late teens I spent some time studying ninjutsu, and I then began kick boxing when I moved to Australia.  I came across hapkido and really felt like it was the perfect fit for me.  I could see so much of what I had learned over the years all under one roof.  My passion for this art was instant and have been training and studying hapkido for nearly 7 years. 

What is the best thing about Hapkido Hosinsul?

I think it’s the atmosphere.  I really have enjoyed seeing people who have come to our school, progress with their training and become such great martial artists.  It’s brilliant to see their confidence grow. 

And what is the worst thing?

Warwick’s jokes!

To someone who is thinking about trying it, what would you say to them?

Just do it!  Never mind whether you think you’re fit enough, or flexible enough or worried about getting hurt.  As a martial art it is so adaptable to what you want.  And if fitness and flexibility are things you want, you can definitely find them here.