Meet the team – Shannon

Our students at Hapkido Hosinsul have all joined us for different reasons so we thought we’d share a few stories from them, giving you an insight into what makes them a martial artist.


Why did you start training with Hapkido Hosinsul?

I’ve been interested in martial arts since my dad took me to see the tae kwon do at the Sydney Olympics. However, I moved around a fair bit in my teens and was never able to spend more than two years at the same dojo. By the time I was at university I really wanted to settle into something more permanent, so I was searching for a style that would be both fun and practical, with a school that was welcoming to a 5 foot 2 girl. I had learned some basic hapkido techniques through a tae kwon do school I trained at back in high school, and since then I’d been interested in learning more. A friend approached me saying that she wanted to check out Hapkido Hosinsul because someone else had recommended it to her, and so we decided to go together. The school just felt so right for me. We still train together now!

How long have you trained for?

I’ve been training since mid 2013, with a six month gap in the middle where I was overseas.

What is the best thing about Hapkido Hosinsul?

Hapkido combines the best of a lot of different styles in my opinion, with influences from tae kwon do and jujitsu. It’s very practical, beautiful to watch, and doesn’t rely on brute strength (which is nice for smaller people like myself). Our instructors are fantastic, and won’t hesitate to teach many variants of moves so that everyone in the class can figure out the best option for them. We’re always learning new things and the classes are never dull. It’s definitely the best school I’ve ever trained at, and the most interesting and versatile style.

And what is the worst thing?

I honestly can’t think of anything! I guess if I had to pick something, it’s a little far from where I live but others travel further and it’s definitely worth it!

To someone who is thinking about trying it, what would you say to them?

Martial arts is not as scary, intense, or “macho” as it is made out to be. Hapkido in particular is a style that is very practical for a wide range of people. The classes here are really enjoyable and not only do we have amazingly skilled instructors, everyone helps each other out. It’s a wonderful group of people and a fantastic school. Even if you’re not sure about martial arts, come along and try it out for a day. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it! There are so many reasons to get into it: self defence, fitness, coordination, confidence, discipline, focus, and making great new friends!