2012 News

05 Sept 2012

Congratulations on the new Yellow Tips – Greg, Richard & Sasha; new Blue Tips Sarah and Ali; and the new Blue Belt Matt “Birdman” Baynes.  A most excellent grading.  Well done all.

07 May 2012

Hapkido Hosinsul is very pleased to announce a new venue – we will now be training at Rainworth State School in Bardon, starting Monday 14th May 2012.  This is a great venue, with lots of space for us to utilise, as well as ample safe, and easy parking. Classes will start at the slightly earlier time of 7pm-9pm on a Monday and Wednesday. You can find more detail and a map on the Classes page.

02 May 2012

Russell completed his black-belt grading tonight, after months of preparation and practice. “I am so proud of this achievement, even more so because this grading was completed with Hapkido Hosinsul.”   A short video of Russell’s self-defence demonstrations and patterns performed for the grading can be found on the home page.

04 April 2012

Grading tonight for:
Pierre – Cho Dan Bo
James – Red Belt
Matt R – Red Belt
Sean – Blue Belt
Ali – Green Belt
Matt B – Green Belt, Blue Tip

We are so proud of our students efforts, consistency and increasing hapkido skill.  Well done guys!