2013 News

20 December 2013

Did you know…

For every 10,000 people who join a martial arts academy half will drop out within the first 6 months.

Of those remaining 5,000 students, most will drop out, but 1,000 will complete their first year, then quit.  500 will study for 2 years but only 100 will see their 3rd year anniversary.

On average, only 10 will make First Degree Black Belt.  Usually, only one or two make it to Second Degree Black Belt.

1 shall go on to teach others what he/she has learned, for martial arts is now a part of their life and they shall go on to share this life with others.

This person is a Black Belt.  This person is 1 in 10,000.  Are you the one?

15 August 2013

Congratulations to Frances, Louisa, Judith, both Charlottes, Caitlin, Luke and Richard on their grading!  Well done guys.

31 July 2013

Welcome back from the UK Sarah!  One of our founding members has returned!

23 July 2013

Great night’s training last night!  Black Belts with the short stick; James tearing himself apart (LOL); Sean with an impressive double kick; Ali executing a graceful split kick and Walt mastering the turning side landing!  Well done guys – bring on Wednesday!

16 June 2013

On behalf of Hosinsul, congratulations to Pierre and Mayumi on the birth of their son!  One thing is for sure, he’s going to eat well!

30 May 2013

Sensai Walter Leggett will be with us on Monday.  Not only a black belt in Jujitsu, Walter is also a solicitor and will give us a run-down on you, Hapkido, self defense, and the law!  Don’t miss it…

26 Feb 2013

Louisa & Rachael successfully completed their grading.  Yellow Tips!  Well done girls.