2014 News

21 March 2014

Bon voyage Shannon!  Have a fun time studying in Japan and we’ll see you soon! With Charlotte in Switzerland, Judy in Singapore and Tom in Whistler, I reckon it’s safe to say that Hapkido Hosinsul has now officially become international!

04 March 2014

Welcome back!  The Black Tips are back from their travels around China.  Good to see you back James and Matt!

23 Jan 2014

Patterns in the park!

Due to the spectacular effort and subsequent failings of pattern practice on Weds (and I am referring to me and mine) I figured I could do with a heck load of practice.  And help.  So seeing as class isn’t happening on Monday, Sean and I are heading to Memorial Park in Bulimba to practice our little socks off.  1830 start until we are pattern pros.  Or we have had enough.  Or Max Brennars starts calling.  Everyone is welcome and we will be starting riiiiiiight from scratch all the way up to pattern 9.  PM me if you fancy joining us.  Ali 🙂

07 Jan 2014

Woohoo!  We are back!  At last, the training has started.  One handed cartwheel over 3?  Done.  Who’s up for a no-hander over 3…. or a table?