Hapkido Experience
I have studied martial arts for the last 7 years, and came across Hapkido 2 years ago. Hapkido encompass all I was looking for in a Martial Art: It is not a purely aggressive Martial Art and offers a combination of Traditional Martial Art and Self Defence techniques.

Studying Hapkido has increased my mental awareness, focus as well as my stamina, strength and flexibility. At Hapkido Hosinsul, we study in a very friendly, professional and open minded environment. Techniques are practical and effective.

Other than for generally keeping fit, my main reason for doing hapkido is for self-defence. Having been spooked early one morning out walking my dogs, I decided to take up a martial art for some self-confidence and practical ways to defend myself.

I actually started hapkido by accident. I was intending to take up a more well known martial art like karate or tae kwon do, but I saw a group of people in black uniforms doing something cool and ‘martial artsy’ one day so I stopped by to ask what they were doing. And now I’m one of those people in a black uniform!

As well as having a very disciplined structure to the lessons, we are also taught practical self-defence where form and elegance are secondary to quick and effective methods of escaping. Our instructors are acutely aware that everyone in the class has different abilities so they are constantly adapting and customising techniques, especially us ladies who don’t have the same brute strength that the men do.

That said, we’re not given an easy ride – we are still expected to do pushups on our knuckles like the guys. We do our fair share of burpees and sit ups and we are all expected to give it our all. There is a real sense of camaraderie in the group and a great deal of respect for our instructors. Oh, and we get to jump over people and do cartwheels. Didn’t think I’d still be doing those!