The First Night

When I came to Hapkido Hosinsul in Bardon for my first night of training I expected a testosterone filled hard-man’s domain much like the MMA martial arts classes I had attended in the past. However, I was surprised to be greeted by two very friendly black belts who welcomed me to the class and introduced me to everyone.

Warm up began with a fun kicking game with a shuttlecock which loosened the limbs and caused loads of laughter as people struck impossible shots and missed easy ones!

Shuttlecock game

This led into light stretching and jogging exercises to get the blood flowing.

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We then began some fun kicking and punching exercise with a real focus on technique.

First night - warm up

Then the mats came out and the real fun began! I’d never done any dive rolls and flips in martial arts before and it was awesome! We got to take run ups and try all different styles of dives and jumping kicks over mats of varying heights.

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Then we broke up into groups of 2 and 3 matching up with people of similar size and skill level. Senior students helped juior students with kicking, throws, joint locks, holds and forms. Everyone was encouraged to learn at their own pace and the seniors were very supportive, especially Warwick who at age 70 is a real inspiration.

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The first night was a lot of fun and I highly recommend giving it a go! Contact Hapkido Hosinsul to find out more about Hapkido and to sign up.